How To Buy Logan Paul's CryptoZoo $ZOO coin on PancakeSwap

A guide on how to buy CryptoZoo, the new NFT token by Logan Paul.

How To Buy Logan Paul's CryptoZoo $ZOO coin on PancakeSwap
Quick update: Apparently there's a new smart contract, as posted in the Discord on September 29 and shown on the CryptoZoo website. The new contract address is 0x7ffc1243232da3ac001994208e2002816b57c669. Make sure you use this address to buy $ZOO. Also, if you previously bought $ZOO, add this address to your MetaMask wallet, and you'll see you got some extra $ZOO as a thank you from the team.

Disclaimer: I get a lot of emails from readers asking about the game, the CryptoZoo eggs, deadlines, development updates, etc. I'm not part of the CryptoZoo team, I'm just someone who wrote a guide. The main source of information is the Discord.

The easiest way is by buying some BNB (Binance Coin), and then using those to buy CryptoZoo on PancakeSwap.

Sounds like Chinese? Don't worry, here you'll find everything explained step by step on how you can buy Logan Pauls' new CryptoZoo coin, right in time for the launch on September 1.  

PSA:  this whole guide is on HOW to buy CryptoZoo, not that you should buy CryptoZoo. This is not financial advice.

1. Buy BNB (Binance Coin)

The easiest way to do this is on Binance, but feel free to buy it on another exchange if you want. So go over to and make an account if you haven't already got one. It's possible that you will have to go through a verification phase where you have to download the app. This can be a little bit tedious. As soon as you're logged in, go to Buy Crypto and choose how you want to pay.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that whatever currency you PAY with, you want to RECEIVE BNB.

You can invest as little or as much as you want.

If you're looking to buy a CryptoZoo egg on September 1, they will start at around $300 he mentioned in this video. If you're wondering what eggs are, I'll explain below this guide. But know that you can invest any amount of $ZOO that you want. The current price at the time of writing is $0.0003156. So even buying $1 worth is going to give you 3179 CryptoZoo. You can always check CoinMarketCap for the most up to date price.

Also there will be some fees when transferring your BNB from wallet to wallet. There are two fees:

1) To get the BNB from Binance to your Metamask wallet. This will be around 0.0005, which is close to $0.22.

2) To swap the BNB to ZOO on Pancakeswap. This will be around 0.025% of the amount you want to swap. If you want to swap 1 BNB the fee is 0.0025 BNB ($1.2), but I think there's a minimum fee of around 0.000825BNB, but I'm not sure. When I tried buying 1 CryptoZoo, it showed me a gas fee of 0.000825BNB. Anyway, gas prices fluctuate and can suddenly be more than you expected. So find an online calculator to calculate the correct gas fees so you don't end up with less CryptoZoo than you wanted.

So, congrats on your purchase of BNB. When you go to Wallet > Fiat & Spot, you should see some BNB there

I currently have no BNB but on your account there should now be some!

2. Make a MetaMask Wallet

Okay, the next step is to get these BNB to a wallet so we can actually pay with it. For this we need a wallet, well obviously.

We're going to use MetaMask, but if you have another wallet you prefer, feel free to use that one.

The easiest is to get it for your browser. MetaMask supports the biggest browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

It doesn't matter in which browser you are, this should be the welcome screen:

Let's set it up, choose if you want to help them improve Metamask (it doesn't matter which one you pick), and afterwards pick a secure password

After you've confirmed your password and created your wallet, you will learn about your recovery phase. This is basically the ultimate master key of your wallet. Never ever share this with anyone, and make sure you copy it somewhere secure.

So you can copy the 12 words and paste them in a password manager or somewhere else that's considered safe and secure. Just to be sure, make sure to download the Secret Backup file as a .txt as well, in case you erase the copied phrase on your clipboard. Again, these words are the master key of your wallet, they are important.

Then you have to confirm the phrase so that MetaMask is sure you've got it correctly. You can always go back to redownload the file or take a look at your words. You can also drag to reposition the words!

Perfect, now you've got your first Crypto wallet!

Even though it says 0 ETH and that we're connected to the Ethereum network in the top right, this is what we want. In the next step we're going to connect to the BNB network!

3. Connecting to the BNB Smart Chain Network

Go to

Click "Connect Wallet"

Let's connect with a MetaMask account.

Your MetaMask wallet should open and show this:

Click "Next"

Click "Connect"

Now it will immediately ask if it's okay that PancakeSwap adds a network. And look, it's the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet it wants to add. Yes, we want that!

Click "Approve"

Yes, let's immediately switch to the BNB network. Click "Switch Network".

That should be it! You are now connected to the BNB Smart Chain network! Make sure it's correct by opening MetaMask and see that you're

1) Connected to the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

2) The BNB logo is visible

Up next: transferring our BNB from Binance to our MetaMask wallet

4. Transfer the BNB to MetaMask

Go back to your Binance account, to your wallet there where we previously saw the list of all the coins.

Find BNB in the list, and click "Withdraw"

You will see this window.

We need to enter an address, a network and an amount.

For the address, we want to enter our MetaMask Wallet Address. To find it, click the MetaMask icon in your address bar. It can be hidden, but to show it click the "puzzle icon" to show all your installed extensions (this can be different in Firefox and Edge)

There it is!

Click on "Account 1", but it can have a different name for you. Again, make sure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet!

As soon as you paste the address in the address field, it should automatically detect that it's an address on the BSC.

You see there are some fees, so make sure you take those into account. Or you can simply click "MAX" to let it automatically enter all the BNB you have.

Next, click "Withdraw".

Click "Confirm"

You will now need to enter verification for this transaction.

Click both the "Get Code"s and enter the codes you'll receive via mail and text.

Afterwards simply continue the transaction.

You will see the progress of your transaction in the Recent Withdrawals section below. It's safe to refresh the page, to see the progress.

It will say something like "Verified by X/16". Wait till it is 100% verified. You should also get a notification from MetaMask when it's verified. Then your BNB will be in your MetaMask Wallet.

Now we can finally buy $ZOO!

4. Buying CryptoZoo $ZOO on PancakeSwap

Go back to You should still be connected, otherwise, reconnect your MetaMask wallet.

In the left menu go to Trade > Exchange.

You want to trade FROM BNB. Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap.

Next, click on "Select a currency".

Paste the CryptoZoo token:


(this is the new contract that you'll find on the website and posted in the Telegram and Discord.)

This code comes straight from the official website. To be 100% secure, copy it from there.

This is the one we want. If you see "No results", make sure there are no spaces around the token code.

Click "Import".

Note: this is an old screenshot with the old contract. Make sure the contract you import is starting with 0x7ff

Double, tripple and quadrupple check that the code under "ZOO (ZOO)" starts with 0x7ff , the same code on the website.

Toggle the "I Understand" checkbox and click "Import".

Enter the amount you want to trade, or again click "MAX" to enter the amount of BNB you have in your wallet.

Clicking "Swapping" is not final, you will have to confirm your transaction another time in your MetaMask wallet. With the gas fees it can get difficult to predict how much BNB you want to swap, as you will need some extra for the gas fees.

So feel free to play around with it, and disapprove the transactions in MetaMask until you find the right amount of BNB.

Then confirm the swap again.

MetaMask will open and asks you to confirm the transaction. Approve/Confirm it.

Now we again have to wait a little bit like a moment ago until the transaction is verified on the network.

Now your transaction should be completed.

Open your Metamask and you'll see that you have got some $ZOO there!

Congrats! You are now officially a CryptoZoo hodler!

What is CryptoZoo?

CryptoZoo will be an autonomous ecosystem where ZOO owners breed, collect and trade exotic hybrid animals via NFTs. You can check the official Instagram for some cryptic clues.

People are guessing that you'll be able to buy ZOO eggs as an NFT. And then over time those eggs will hatch and you will get a random hybrid animal.

How many CryptoZoo NFT eggs are there?

UPDATE Aug 27: In the latest IMPAULSIVE podcast Logan shared more info! Ahead of the project's launch there will be 10,000 CryptoZoo NFT eggs available.

How much is CryptoZoo worth and is it a good investment?

At the moment of writing $ZOO is worth $0.0003074 per $ZOO. That's 0.00000009593 ETH or 0.000000006392 BTC. There are around 500.11 billion ZOO in circulation, with makes for a market cap of around $157,800,000.

Nobody knows if it will be a good investment in the long term.

Logan Paul has played around with several NFTs and other crypto in the past. He has invested a lot of money in CryptoPunks, possibly the most (in)famous NFT collection.

According to the podcast episode where he first mentioned CryptoZoo, he has invested over $1 million USD into the project and has been working on it for the past 6 months.

In the episode he also stated that he thinks that CryptoZoo will make NFTs fun again. Most NFTs are just a collection of the same products rewrapped in different skins. He states that the CryptoZoo model will bring something completely different to the world of NFTs.

Currently there are 8,000 $ZOO hodlers on Wednesday August 25th, up from 4,000 on the 20th and 2,000 on the 19th.

The coin has had an ATH of $0.0005153 on Friday August 20th, and has been somewhat "stable" the last couple of days between $0.0003 and $0.0004.

On Google Trends it's also clear that more and more people are looking for information on CryptoZoo, even tho it has not yet launched.

When will CryptoZoo launch?

CryptoZoo will launch September 1, 2021. Make sure to check on launch day to know what's up!

Where can I buy CryptoZoo?

You can buy CryptoZoo on PancakeSwap and PooCoin.

On which network is the CryptoZoo token?

The CryptoZoo token is on the BSC, Binance Smart Chain network.

Who created CryptoZoo?

The creator of CryptoZoo is Logan Paul, an American YouTuber and NFT collector. I know it says "Jake Paul" in the URL, that was an error of mine!

Where can you read more about the tokenomics?

A lot of new information, including the information on tokenomics, the burning of tokens, and more will be released on 1st September.

New CryptoZoo Token Address

So after a few days with basically no info, there is now a new CryptoZoo Token Address: 0x7ffc1243232da3ac001994208e2002816b57c669.

Apparently the old Zoo Token Contract couldn't be updated to have the features that they want. The new Zoo Token Contract will be fully interoperable with both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, both for the $ZOO token itself as well as the actual game.

How do I transfer my old tokens to the new token address?

Did you buy before the August 26th pause?

If so, all you need to do is go to your MetaMask, click "Add Token" in the bottom.

Enter the Token Address: 0x19263F2b4693da0991c4Df046E4bAA5386F5735E, and it will automatically fill in the name and decimals.

Add the token and you'll see in seconds both the new and old tokens, with the amounts of assets you have. This is called an "airdrop". Congrats, you are now a v2 Zoo Hodler. 😅

Your old tokens will be worthless, you can try to sell them on Pancake, but I haven't tried it yet.

The old token sale was briefly unpaused today on September 1. If you bought tokens then, I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen to the old tokens you bought. In the discord there are mentions of people who then added the new token address and got new tokens airdropped, and some who didn't. In this case I would check the discord or telegram and ask what you should do.

About the CryptoZoo EGGs

There's a full guide on how to buy CryptoZoo Eggs on this page.

Where to buy CryptoZoo EGGs?

The sale of the CryptoZoo EGGs will be on the official website,

When will the CryptoZoo EGG sale start?

The sale of the CryptoZoo EGGs starts on September 1, 2021. Time of sale will be mentioned beforehand.

With which crypto can you buy an EGG?

You will be able to buy with both Ethereum and $ZOO, you can buy both coins on Binance. This is the reason the coin is currently not tradable on the time of writing this (August 31st), as the developers are updating the bridge of the smart contract.

Please note also that buying with $ZOO gives you a 10% discount.

How much does 1 CryptoZoo EGG cost?

The price of 1 egg will be 0.1 ETH or its equivalent in $ZOO. At the time of writing .1 ETH equals to 777405 $ZOO (excl. gas fees).

777405 $ZOO equals to around 338.54 USD. So buying an egg with ZOO on September 1 will cost around 700k $ZOO + gas fees.

How to purchase an egg?

A detailed tutorial will be out leading up to the sale.