Build In Public, Tres Commas

I found an awesome domain to use for my price trackers, integrated Pinterest's SEO experiment framework and am noticing the first results.

Build In Public, Tres Commas

It's the 25th of December, beautiful Christmas time and the perfect moment to look back on my Build In Public projects and look forward to what's yet to come.

In short: I found an awesome domain to use for my price trackers, integrated Pinterest's SEO experiment framework and am noticing the first results of my trackers that are live.

As always: for all the analytics in my projects I use Fathom Analytics, the privacyproof analytics solution!

*insert new name for prijzenvolger here*

I'm happy to anounce that I found a great name for the collective behind all my price trackers!

Introducing, We Track Prices. 🥳

I was looking for a brand name with a great domain, and with I found both.

At first the idea to put all the price trackers on their own domain: one domain for the AliExpress tracker, one for the Kohl's tracker, etc. However I was researching it and got talking to an SEO specialist from Coolblue, he convinced me that putting them all on one domain was the way to go.

For those of you who don't know Coolblue, they're (probably) the second biggest webshop in Belgium and The Netherlands. Up until 2018 they had hundreds of domains, one for each category. They decided to stop with all the seperate domains and put all the shops one one domain: the domain.

After researching it, I realised this was the way to go and decided to find a good generic domain name to put all the price trackers on, and go the one domain route.

However, I still think that I'm gonna keep the domains name I have now, which are: QVC (coming soon) Walmart (probably coming directly on, but got domain name anyway)

Myntrawatch: Myntra India

JCPtrack: JCPenney

Cdiscotrack: CDiscount FR

Kohltracker: Kohl's

AliWatcher: AliExpress Best Buy US Rakuten FR (still working on this one)

As soon as I'm finished with all the other price trackers, I'm going to start with the website.

On top of that the organic traffic for the existing projects is slowly ramping up. Prijzenvolger is earning me around 200 euro a month now, and AliWatcher just had earned its first bucks a few days ago.

Next step is adding more shops, but then on!

Vannoa is back

I'm in a nostalgic mood these days. I keep coming back to older project ideas I had, but that I didn't have the tech skills for to actually develop.

Now that I have more time and became a better developer, I think it's the perfect moment to see how viable it actually was.

Vannoa is a wedding/engagement ring recommender. The idea is to assemble a huge database of wedding rings, and allow users to scroll throught it with an infinite scrolling interface. Whenever they see a ring they like, they can heart it and then te user will more similar rings. When they ignore a ring, they get a slight penalty so similar rings are still being shown. When they dislike a ring, similar rings will receive a large penalty, and won't be shown as much.

It works like the recommendation engines like Tinder, Spotify Radio, YouTube and Netflix. In the backend I'm going to use the new Google Cloud Recommendations engine. Really looking forward to work with it!

And if it works well, I'm thinking of creating a bunch of similar websites with it.