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Wanna talk?

You can contact me on Facebook Messenger. Whether it's for support for one of my side projects, you have another question or you just want to talk, please try to not send an email but go through Facebook Messenger. It will increase your odds of getting an answer to about 100%! 😊

Want to know more about me?

Jelle is an technical marketer, with a passion for the internet, new technologies and side projects. He's head of Side Projects at The Growth Revolution, where he makes very cool side projects for awesome companies.

He started making website from a young age. First in Dreamweaver, later in Flash (😱). The more websites he made, the more he started programming; first in PHP, now mainly in Python and Javascript.

He has created tons of side projects. Some of them got in the news in Belgium and the Netherlands. Others went viral on reddit and quite a few have proven to be quite lucrative side gigs.

In his spare time he likes to create more side projects, watch Flemish TV shows (pre-2000) and drink delicious Belgian beers.

Side projects he has made:

  • Bol.com Rekeningopvuller

  • Prijzenvolger (discontinued)

  • Pluto photo comparison (offline)

  • Scrapely

  • What's That Social

  • EZ GTM (coming soon!)


  • Introduction to Computer Science – HarvardX (edX)

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur – MIT.x Launch.x (edX)

  • Machine Learning – Stanford Univeristy (Coursera)


  • Go-to stack and other tech: VueJS, Django, AnimeJS, Bulma.

  • 🐶 ❤️

  • Avid redditor