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I'm a creative developer, with a passion for the internet, new technologies and side projects. I'm an indie developer, currently building an empire of price trackers

I started out making websites from a young age. First in Dreamweaver, later in Flash (😱). The more websites I made, the more I started really programming; first in PHP, now mainly in Python and Javascript/Node.

Side-projects are my first love. Some of them got in the news in Belgium and the Netherlands. Others went viral on reddit and quite a few have proven to be quite lucrative side gigs.

Side projects I've made


One of the shops I'm supporting with my Price Tracker empire is AliExpress, probably the biggest e-commerce store in the world after Amazon and AliBaba.

I track close to 70 million products on a daily basis.

There's also a Chrome Extension.


I'm tracking 2 American shops with my price tracker empire. One of them is Walmart, the other one is Best Buy.

There's also a Chrome Extension.


Waltrack is the only price tracker for Walmart where you can actually see the price history!

Unfortunately the .com domain was gone, but the .net will do the trick for world domination ;)

There's also a Chrome Extension


Ahhhhh, the original price tracker I've made. In 2016 I launched this as a price tracker for over 50 Belgian & Dutch shops. It was written in PHP (Laravel) with some jQuery sprinkled on top. It was hosted on a mix of AWS and DigitalOcean.

As a novice developer and a database n00b, it became super hard for me to maintain it. On top of that it became superrrr expensive.

A friend of mine explained me how I could restructure the data to save a lot of money, and as I became a better developer I decided in 2021 to give it another go. Now written with NextJS (how AWESOME is that framework!?), hosted on Google Cloud, it tracks over 30 million Bol.com products.

Autoresponder for Facebook - 2018

The autoresponder is a Facebook bot that automatically responds on new comments on a certain post of your Facebook page. By creating unique comments, this will skyrocket your engagement numbers. For more info, check out the autoresponder page or read the accompanying blogpost.

Bol.com Rekeningopvuller - 2015

Originally this was an interactive tool (made with React.JS) where you enter the amount you're short. A-B testing showed that people preferred just an overview of all the products.

More info.

Scrapely (discontinued)

A Chrome extension to help people scrape certain things, like Facebook groups or Producthunt upvoters. Made with the Vue.JS framework, which I absolutely love now!

More info.

EZ GTM (discontinued)

A Chrome Extension to help marketing people create triggers/tags/variables straight from a website. It uses the GTM API to push those triggers, etc straight to GTM.

Also made with VueJS.


  • Introduction to Computer Science CS50 – HarvardX (edX)

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur – MIT.x Launch.x (edX)

  • Machine Learning – Stanford Univeristy (Coursera)


  • Go-to stack and other tech: React, Firebase, React Native, Bulma.

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  • Avid redditor